We’ve made it bloody easy to take part in Februsweary, so you’ve really got no excuse. Whatever you choose, we are truly grateful.

Option 1


Request your FREE Limited Edition Fundraising Pack including poster and swear jar stickers.

Want to treat yourself to unlimited swearing? We’ll also throw in an Official Swear Pass card so you can pledge a one-off sum and drop F-bombs to your heart’s content.

How much you pledge for the Swear Pass is up to you. For amateur expletors, £20 might do the trick. For the professionally profane, it could be £100!

Option 2


Get all crafty and make your own Februsweary swear jar and rules, then tot up the fines at the end of the month and come back here to donate.

Option 3


Can’t be ar$ed with the swear jar? Fine. You can make a one-off donation through our Februsweary JustGiving campaign.